Carter spilling some pretzels all over the baggage claim area. Fun.

The Longest 33 Hours of Our Lives: Part III

(Need to catch up?  Here’s Part 1 | Here’s Part 2) After Carter’s throw-up ordeal, the flight from Morocco to Egypt was pretty uneventful. Knowing that our connecting flight was boarding soon after we’d landed, we attempted to get out of our seats and collect our bags from the overhead compartments quickly. It didn’t matter [Read more...]


The Longest 33 Hours of Our Lives: Part I

(Want to read ahead?  Here’s Part 2 | Here’s Part 3) Prior to moving from Morocco to South Africa, we had never experienced any problems or difficulties while traveling between countries, nor ever been close to missing our plane.  Now we have.  This trip pretty much takes the cake on bad experiences that could possibly happen [Read more...]